A historical photograph of a family - ancestors
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  • Searching vital and other archive records to trace your ancestry
  • Completing a pedigree chart or family tree
  • Finding missing ancestors
  • Computerizing genealogical information & colorful printouts
  • High validity of findings guaranteed & verification of data through provided direct references to sources
  • Large format printing services (A0, A1)
Family tree diagram - ancestors

You are offered both an electronic (email/CD/DVD) as well as printed version of your pedigree chart/family tree and a fan of your ancestors. Graphical printouts can be sent to your home address abroad by an international mail service.

You can receive a precise transcription and translation from Czech, German, or Latin into English, an explanation of any unfamiliar terms, occupation of male ancestors, causes of death, etc.

Having one’s ancestors searched out for completing a family tree may serve as an appropriate gift that does not lose value over time (quite the contrary, in fact) for your family relative.

Completing one’s family tree usually takes about 3 months, depending on the amount of data searched for.

Each research is always first consulted with the client via email or tel./Skype to meet his or her needs and budget.

Vital records - genealogical booksVital records - genealogical books

Deciphering handwriting on old records        
includes transcription, translation into English and explanation of any now unfamiliar terms

Consulting/counseling (in person, Skype)     
includes sharing advice, practical tips, useful links for starting genealogists as well as assistance in your quest to complete your family tree

Photographic documentation of the place of residence, neighborhood, school, etc., of your ancestor (fee based on travel distance)

Tree diagram/template                                  
for 16 ancestors in .doc format, A3/A4 landscape, in color - ready to fill names in the blanks (see picture below on the right)

Fan chart of your ancestors
completing a colorful diagram (see picture below on the left)

Genealogical family tree of your ancestors - diagram/templateGenealogical color fan chart of your ancestors - 9 generations

Example of rates:

Pedigree - a line of direct paternal ancestors:
About 300 years backward, about 10 generations                                        $ 200-250

Family Tree - a diagram mapping all paternal and maternal direct ancestors:
About 200 years backward, about 4 generations                                          $ 600-750

There is no hourly rate charged.

Vital record stands for a precise place and date of (B) birth, (M) marriage, or (D) death of one particular ancestor. The starting person, from which research is begun, is any ancestor you choose to provide precise and true date of one either B, M, or D.